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Dreaming of Summer

By Sarah Mairo

Dreaming of Summer


All winter long, I've been dreaming of summer.  I love the ocean, the beach, the warm summer evenings.  I wanted to find new ways to paint those images that float around in my head.  How do you capture all the colors in the sea, the endless swirls of blues and greens?  Or the sun glistening off the golden sandy beach?  


 I decided to try some new techniques and paints.  I found that by using fluid acrylics, I can more accurately bring the awesomeness of the ocean and beach onto a canvas ... at least how I see it!  Not only do I love the process, but the effects I get and the images I am able to create feel amazing.  I step back and say "Wow, this is how I picture it in my head!"  To me, the ocean is magical and the slightly abstract interpretations I am able to create just feel right!  I hope you love them too!!













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